Automate your time tracking

Most of your work activities are done inside a browser. Use your Google Chrome history to create reports for your invoices.

100% privacy-friendly - all data stays on your device


Core Features

Meet the features of Browser TIME

100% Privacy

All data stays on your device. Nobody else can see your report.

Never lose a chargeable minute

Remeber every minute of your work and charge all your activities to your clients.

Save time

Generate your history report in less than 5 minutes.

Up to 3 months

Report generation is possible up to 3 months in the past. Create your report directly when you create your invoices.

Your report in less than 5 minutes

How it works


Install Chrome extension

Install the"Export Chrome History" extension to export your history.

Export browser history

Use the extension to export your browser history as CSV.

Configure projects

Add rules of filterable keywords to group your history entries as projects.

Create report

Automatically create your report and use it for your invoices.


100% free while in beta

Browser time is totally free while in beta. Leave us some feedback and help us to improve.

We love feedback

Please send us your comments, suggestions, or anything about your experience.